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Monkey And The Jewel

A feature animation about an albino monkey, a little orphan girl and a stray dog who go on an epic journey of discovery and adventure from the beaches of Thailand to the furthest reaches of China and finally to India. Synopsis: Manna the little orphan girl and Hanu the albino monkey live contentedly on a [...]


Mission To Lars

Currently adapting the critically acclaimed, feature documentary Mission To Lars. Produced and directed by James Moore and Will Spicer, Mission To Lars is the story of two siblings’ attempt to fulfill their brother Tom’s dream of meeting rock God Lars Ulrich of Metallica, in a tale which is both funny and touching. Tom Spicer [...]


The Owl That Roared

‘The Owl That Roared’ is a feature length animation screenplay about a giant owl who thinks he’s a lion that escapes from London Zoo and terrorises London’s bird community. Themes: The underlying themes are about supporting your friends, being brave and not being so quick to judge people who are different. ‘The Owl That Roared’ [...]


Hipster Heist (Working Title)

‘Hipster Heist’… is about a gang of East London hipsters – led by two achingly cool biker girls – who rob jewelry stores on motorbikes. We open on a shot high above the city, its night, the streets far below look like a miniature race track under the neon glow of the street lamps. Suddenly, [...]


Drive Hard (Working Title)

‘Drive Hard’ an action comedy feature – Die Hard meets Caddyshack! Logline: A ragtag group of greenkeepers are forced to defend themselves when two violent forces invade the tranquility of their golf course. Synopsis: ‘Drive Hard’ tells the story of an extraordinary day on a beautiful and usually calm golf course. Most of the greenkeeping [...]

Daniel Kemp

By day I head up development at The Smalls (a video content marketplace, film festival and community of 11,000+ filmmakers)... by night I'm a screenwriter.

On this site you'll find information on film projects that I've written and am keen to develop or sell.

Lion Owl Productions

'The Owl That Roared' was the first script I completed; inspired by the city of London, it's multicultural community... and it's birds! It's about an owl who thinks he's a lion that escapes from London Zoo and terrorises London's bird community, hence Lion Owl Productions.

There's more...

alt beer fest

New Projects

Completed works: ‘The Battle of the Breweries’ A comedy TV series pilot about two brothers with rival breweries who’re battling for beer supremacy and resisting the might of the evil Imperial Brewers Alliance. ‘Venus’ A comedy TV series pilot based on the book Venus in Furs, about a wannabe music journalist that falls for a [...]