Drive Hard (Working Title)

‘Drive Hard’ an action comedy feature – Die Hard meets Caddyshack!

Logline: A ragtag group of greenkeepers are forced to defend themselves when two violent forces invade the tranquility of their golf course.


‘Drive Hard’ tells the story of an extraordinary day on a beautiful and usually calm golf course. Most of the greenkeeping staff like the quiet life, Tom on the other hand craves excitement; when a new guy with a colourful past joins the team Tom’s desire to escape the humdrum goes into overdrive. Fortunately for Tom, the peace is shattered when a violent robbery at the neighbouring airport goes wrong and the robbers are forced to escape through the golf course. If that wasn’t enough, another gang of wronguns kidnap Tom’s girlfriend who attends a private school that sits on the golf course grounds – they’re planning to blackmail her father, a powerful military man and golf club member. The greenkeepers take it upon themselves to fight back and save the day, not without a few twists and turns along the way.

‘Drive Hard’ is action first, situation comedy second.

Drive Hard

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